Sep 11, 2013

Kelowna Title Loans: Find Out Why We’re the Lender of Choice


If you’re looking into Kelowna title loans and are trying to decide which lender to go with, check out these unique features of Get Loan Approved and discover why we’re the lender of choice in Canada!


Kelowna Title Loans: Find Out Why We’re the Lender of Choice

  • Awesome Customer Service

    When you find yourself in need of a Kelowna title loan, you’ll want to have a lender who doesn’t just simply say they’re on your side, but whose actions back up their words. Our staff members will treat you with respect and give you the time you deserve. Each of them is highly experienced in this field and able to answer all of your questions and provide you with the best service around. We pride ourselves on being friendly and easy to communicate with!

  • Easy Requirements

    Here at Get Loan Approved, credit score and history don’t matter! That’s right! No matter what it is (good, bad, non-existent), your credit score won’t affect your ability to get a car title loan with Get Loan Approved. We don’t care about your employment status either. The requirements are simple and straightforward and have to do only with your car, which is the collateral for your loan. If your vehicle is paid off and the title is in your name, you’re on your way to getting a great loan!

  • No Early Payment Fees

    With terms of one or two years, we provide the kind of timeline people are looking for with Kelowna title loans, but if you are able to pay off your loan before that time is up, we see that as a win-win for everyone. We think that early payment fees are just downright silly. No penalties here for getting ahead on payments!

  • You Keep the Car

    We offer car title loans, which means the title to your car is all the collateral we need. Your car itself will still be in your possession through the entirety of your loan duration.

    cash-carIt’s as simple as this: apply for the loan, get the cash you need and keep using your car!

  • Get Cash Fast

    Because we stay away from outlandish requirements, we’re able to avoid a lot of red tape paperwork, which cuts down on approval time. Many of our clients walk away with cash the same day they apply for a loan – sometimes it’s within the hour! So, if you need cash now and are looking into the possibility of Kelowna title loans to get it, contact Get Loan Approved today!