Jun 18, 2014

4 Reasons Getting a Collateral Loan in Alberta is Easier with Get Loan Approved

In Need of a Collateral Loan in Alberta?

Have you found yourself in an unexpected bind? You know things will be looking up soon, but at the moment, you’re just short of the cash you need. If so, you may be asking yourself if you qualify for a collateral loan in Alberta. Asking some lending agencies that question would result in a long process of Q & A on their end, one which may not be completed in time to pay that extra bill or other expense. However, with Get Loan Approved, your loan inquiry leads to a different story. Check out these four ways we make getting a collateral loan in Alberta a better experience!

1. Qualifying is Simple

While other loan agencies might require credit checks, qualifying for a collateral loan from Get Loan Approved is simple. First and foremost, you must be 19 years of age and have a valid Canadian driver’s license and proof of residency (any piece of computer generated mail works!) You also need a vehicle no more than 8 years old and a clear title, registration, and insurance in your name to go along with it. Finally, you just need to supply a second set of keys for that vehicle, and you have what it takes to move forward.

2. The Paperwork is Easy

The process to get a collateral loan in Alberta from Get Loan Approved is easy from start to finish. You can even begin from right where you’re sitting! Simply call or fill out a straightforward application online and get approved quickly. The paperwork doesn’t require any reporting of your credit score or history; just information about your vehicle! So, if you can supply the necessary proofs about your car, you can have cash within fifteen minutes.

3. Keep Your Car

Other collateral loans in Alberta may require you to surrender your car for the duration of the loan. However, Get Loan Approved understands that loans shouldn’t mean putting a halt on your daily life. After all,that car is necessary for getting to school, work, and other important obligations. So you keep your car and drive away with the cash you need!

4. Flexible Payment Options

Application aside, repayment can be one of the most intimidating aspects of taking out a collateral loan in Alberta. That’s why Get Loan Approved makes it easy. With the longest term loan available and the most flexible payment options, you have the time and space you need to repay when you are able. We also offer the lowest monthly payment rate and will beat any interest rate you can find or already have.

For more information about what sets Get Loan approved apart as Alberta’s best source for collateral loans, contact us today! To get started immediately, fill out our online application now.