Apr 16, 2014

Three Essential Facts to Check about Your Vancouver Car Title Loan

Are you in need of quick cash?  Maybe an emergency has drained away your rainy day fund, or an exciting opportunity has come up that seems just out of reach.  Whatever the reason, you need cash, and quickly.  Car title loans can be a great option to get that money without the hassle of credit checks or waiting periods.  However, not all Vancouver car title loans are equivalent.  To make sure that you have the best possible experience, make sure that you check these three essential facts about your title loan company.  

1. What are the Qualifications?

One of the biggest hassles when looking into getting a loan is the long list of qualifications.  Banks demand credit checks, proof of employment, and more; not only do these slow down the process, but they might also disqualify you from a bank loan.  However, Get Loan Approved, which has been providing Vancouver car title loans since 2004, makes your short term financial needs a priority by cutting down the hassle.  Qualifying for a car title loan is simple; when you are 19 or older and own a qualifying vehicle, all you need to provide is:

  • A clear title to your vehicle, registered and insured in your name

  • Proof of collision and comprehensive insurance

  • A valid Canadian driver’s license

  • Proof of residency

It’s a simple as that.  Even better, you  can apply over the phone or online to begin your Get Loan Approval process immediately.

2. How is Customer Service?vancouver car title loans

If your title loan company is not treating you like a good neighbor, then you are missing out.  Get Loan Approved stands out as a leading source for Vancouver car title loans because of their dedication to you, the customer.  From their honest and friendly interactions to their dedication to find a payment plan that fits your needs, the loan representatives at Get Loan Approved are the kinds of professionals you want to work with.  They will clearly explain how the process works and ensure that you get the information and cash you need as quickly as possible.

3. What Happens to Your Car in Vancouver Car Title Loans?

Some Vancouver car title loan agencies demand that you surrender your car when taking out a title loan.  However, Get Loan Approved believes that a loan shouldn’t mean that your daily life gets put on hold, and your car is a huge part of that!  This is why you get to keep your car, driving away in it the same day you receive your fast cash.  It’s that easy!

For more information about Get Loan Approved or to see if you qualify, contact us today.