Seeking a Trustworthy Title Loan Edmonton Residents Can Depend on?

Perhaps you’ve attempted to apply for a car title loan in the past, only to be plagued by hidden fees or exorbitant interest rates. Not so with local Snap Car Cash. We understand the necessity of time sensitivity and reliability. That’s why we make our title loan process as easy as one, two three, but more importantly, it’s the reason we’re the premier place to seek a title loan Edmonton residents choose over and over.

One, Two, Three: A Title loan Edmonton Residents will Receive

Sound a little like Yoda speak? Or too good to be true? We can assure you, much like Yoda wisdom, there is much to be gained by offering our customers a simple, quick and dependable loan option. When we say easy as one, two, three, we mean it. This is the basic outline of how our car title loan process works:

  1. You apply using your car title (fully paid off vehicle with a title in your name)
  2. If approved we hand you a cash loan ($1,000 to $25,000 depending on the value of your car)
  3. You drive away with loan in hand in your own car (your vehicle becomes your credit)

Surely There are Some Type of Fees? Credit Checks?

Yes. But we don’t hide them. We apply an Auto Check fee, to assess any history of previous accidents, etc. to your vehicle. In addition, there is a Lien Search Fee to inquire after any liens, and lastly, a Vehicle Evaluation/Inspection.

As for credit checks: the answer is no. If your vehicle is paid off and in your name, along with a matching title and driver’s license reflecting the same name, you should have no trouble being approved – and your car becomes your credit.

How do I get Started?

Now that’s the best question posed so far. You can apply online now, or by giving us a call at 1-888-886-SNAP (7627).