Dec 08, 2014

Plan Ahead: The Importance of Using a Car Title Loan Calculator

According to online financial advice sites such as, securing a car title loan can be risky business. Data and news reports show that this scepticism is backed by no small amount of measurable proof and anecdotes which show that the car title loan industry poses a risk to consumers. For example, some car title loans charge unsuspecting customers as much as 300 percent interest, or even change loan terms when least expected. In many cases, car loan companies even take possession of their customers’ vehicles, when these customers are unable to pay back their loans.

Though Get Loan Approved does everything possible to create an entirely different industry standard by working honestly and transparently with all of its customers, it is still important to plan ahead. No matter what car title loan company you are dealing with, it is a good and safe idea to use a car title loan calculator.

Using a car title loan calculator is an important step in assessing your future loan payment options and ensuring that you can cover your future costs. According to the Check Into Cash Learning Center, a car title loan calculator can help you figure out payments when you’ve been issued a title loan.

Though a car title loan calculator cannot predict every possibility given in the future, it will provide subjective estimates which may help you to better determine whether a loan is good for you. In essence, a title loan calculator will help you to decide whether the risks and interest involved with a particular loan company might be better or worse than other loan options.

Car Title Loan Calculator Options for You

Here to help you with all of your car title loan needs, Get Loan Approved compiled a list of some of the best online loan calculator sites available today. Below are links, followed by some brief descriptions about the loan calculators that may prove to be helpful to you.

  1. Bankrate Loan Interest Calculator: Bankrate’s everyday consumer mentality provides an easy-to-use car title calculator tool that will help you avoid repossession by determining the interest payment on your loan and achievable payment options.
  2. Cars Direct Car Loan Calculator: Cars Direct offers that “understanding the risk is essential,” but also provides this simple tool if you are ready to pay off your car loan quickly.
  3. BizCalcs Simple Loan Payment Calculator: BizCalcs provides a very simple loan payment calculator that will show you the monthly payment amount after entering information for the loan amount, interest rate, and loan duration.

So, whether you are currently looking for a car title loan or not, but sure to do your homework, and remember to plan ahead of your loan payments always.