Feb 06, 2017

Better than Pawning Your Car: A Win-Win Title Loan

Learn how Get Loan Approved beats out the pawn competition with no-nonsense title loans

pawning your carWe may not be Rick Harrison’s pawn shop, but we don’t need a TV show to know how enticing pawning your things can be. After all, what sounds better than getting some quick cash for that antique clock that’s been sitting on your mantle for years?

Many pawn shops will strike a deal with you for your car: pawning your car and your title for cash at the wholesale value of your vehicle sounds pretty good, right?

Well, we can do you one better.

Before Pawning Your Car, Consider a Get Loan Approved Loan

It may sound too good to be true, but the secret is: Get Loan Approved has been offering car title loans for years that lets you keep your car through the duration of the loan. Our title loans puts us one step ahead of any pawn shops: we won’t ask to hold onto your car, just your title!

Now, we understand: pawning your car makes sense especially if you’re in a tight spot but know that you’re not alone. Financial problems can be the hardest to deal with at times, and it makes sense to choose the fix that gets you cash the fastest. At Get Loan Approved, we ask, why not choose the option that gets you fast cash without impeding your lifestyle?

Our title loans will do just that. Pawning your car is essentially agreeing to say goodbye to your vehicle in exchange for cash. Our title loans, on the other hand, give you the opportunity to make the same exchange without saying goodbye to your car, and with payment plans that are manageable and flexible.

How Our Win-Win Loans Work

When you come to Get Loan Approved for a title loan, you’ll only need to bring the most basic paperwork. We’ll need proof that you own the car in your name, are a licensed Canada driver, and that the title is clean. We’ll need to do a short inspection of your vehicle to determine the best value for your loan, and you could be on your way within an hour!

And the best part is, we won’t ask for a credit check. We determine your loan based off of your vehicle alone, so we don’t even need to glance at your credit.

We’d hate to see you pawn your car and not be able to keep it, so before you visit the nearest trade & pawn, call the good people at Get Loan Approved at 1-855-653-5448, or visit us online to apply today!