Nov 13, 2013

Obtaining an Edmonton Car Title Loan Has Never Been Easier

If you’re in need of emergency funds, you’ve probably been researching online for the easiest and most trustworthy way to get some extra money. If you’ve come across car title loans, you have probably heard good and bad things about them. Get Loan Approved offers local residents a safe and dependable option for Edmonton car title loans.

shutterstock_15427717112121We have been in business for almost a decade and have helped thousands of customers.We treat all our customers with fairness and respect.


Benefits of an Edmonton Car Title Loan

So, why choose an Edmonton car title loan when there are other options available online for quick and easy money.

  • First, the type of loan we offer will get you the money you need quickly. Most people looking for these types of loans are in a financial bind and need money immediately. We serve our customers by having an efficient process to get them what they need as soon as possible.

  • Second, car title loans are easy to get – no credit checks or job history required. We only care about the status of your car title.

  • Third, our loans have low interest.

  • Fourth, you get to keep your car while repaying your loan!


Once you have figured out that you qualify for an Edmonton car title loan, you need to apply for the loan. You can either call our toll free number or you can apply online. We have streamlined our application process so that is easy to use and quick. You will be contacted quickly by a representative and the process of approval will begin.

Easy Paperwork

All you need is your car title, your driver’s license, and current car insurance. We don’t need to know your credit score, your job history, or any other details. We will figure out the value of your vehicle and that will determine how much money you can receive from our car title loans. You must have a clear title to the vehicle you are using as collateral and it must be registered in your name.

Get Cash

We offer our customers anywhere from $1000-$25,000. It all depends on the value of your car. We determine that value by factors including the year, model, and make of your car as well as the mileage and condition. Our process for determining this should take less than an hour and then you will be on your way with the cash that you need.

No matter your reason for needing a car title loan and no matter how desperate the emergency may feel, always do your homework before signing up for a loan. Not all car title loan companies are trustworthy or reputable. Some charge outrageous interest rates and others have hidden terms in the fine print. At Get Loan Approved, we have built our reputation by being fair and honest in all circumstances. Contact us today to apply for your Edmonton car title loan!