Find a Kelowna Title Loan that Meets your Needs

Are you looking for flexible loan options in a financial rough patch? Have you been searching for quick approval and easy loan application processes? We thought you might be. Snap Car Cash is here for you, and our streamlined loan approval process may be just what you’re looking for in a Kelowna title loan.

We proudly offer thousands of people in British Columbia car loans that fit their lifestyle, providing quick cash with no nonsense. Kelowna car loans are no exception, and our conveniently located offices in Kelowna are home to our highest quality loan professionals.

How are we a step above? To begin with, our loan process is the painless, streamlined version of the process you’ll encounter at a dealership or bank: we don’t require you to let go of your car during the loan, and we also don’t perform a credit check!

Our car title loans are designed to be derived from the wholesale value of your vehicle, which means we only need to hold your title until the payment plan is complete. You get to leave with your vehicle and the cash you need!

With the vehicle acting as collateral, any need for a credit check is eliminated. Good credit, bad credit, no credit, we can accommodate you.

A Kelowna Title Loan from Snap Car Cash: Step one

The first thing you need to do? Give us a call! Or visit our website to use our easy online application. We will be in touch with you, and will follow up with an appointment to view some basic paperwork and inspect your vehicle. Afterward, you’ll get the highest value loan that we can deliver, and you could drive away in as little as an hour with up to $50,000 in cash.

Additionally, we offer highly competitive rates, up to 70% lower than other loan offices! There’s also absolutely no penalty for early repayment: repay early or use our flexible payment plans.

For more information, call us today! We can’t wait to get you back on the road.