Dec 11, 2013

Get Loan Approved Offers Cash for Car Title Loans

Car title loans can go by a variety of names, but they all essentially refer to when an individual uses their vehicle title as collateral for a loan. These loans are usually short term and can be acquired with minimal paperwork. People experiencing financial difficulties often rely on cash for their car title to get by until their next paycheck or to cover an unexpected bill. Thankfully, there are companies who can help you if you find yourself in this situation.

Cash for Car Title Loans

If you need between $1000 and $25,000, Get Loan Approved may have the perfect solution for you. We offer cash for car title loans that can provide you with the money you need when you need it. Our company has helped thousands of customers receive financial assistance in times of trouble. Because the car title loan industry is sometimes perceived as having a bad reputation, our company set out to provide trustworthy and honest loans to people in need. Our interest rates are lower than anyone else’s and we answer any questions upfront before you sign anything. We don’t take your carand we offer longer term loans as well, so people can pay them off when they can. Our goal is always to give people quality loans with honest terms.

How to Qualify

If you find yourself strapped for cash and you want a cash for car title loan, contact us. In order to qualify, there are a few rules:shutterstock_86102209111

  • You must be 19 or older
  • You must own your own vehicle
  •  You must have insurance on that vehicle
  • You must have that vehicle registered in your name
  • You need a valid Canadian driver’s license
  • You need proof of residency
  • You need a copy of your vehicle’s registration and insurance

If you meet or can provide all those criteria, congratulations! You can qualify for one of our car title loans. You should know that there will be some minor fees included in the cost of the loan, which covers an auto check and a vehicle inspection and evaluation. But, we do not charge penalties for early repayment so you will have an opportunity to save money if you are able to make payments earlier than scheduled.

 How to Apply

To apply for your cash for car title loan, visit our website to get started. You can apply online and submit your application through our website. You can also call to speak with a professional loan representative if you have any questions before you begin. Our application process is simple and straightforward. Once your application has been processed and your car title loan has been approved, we will get you the cash for car title loan you need and you can be on your way!