Nov 26, 2016

Your Vehicle’s Equity Can Enable You to Apply for a Loan through Equity Loans Ottawa Ontario

Loan approvals on poor credit are possible when you apply for equity loans

If you’ve tried applying for a traditional bank loan on poor credit before, you’ve probably already experienced being disapproved for a loan. This can be a disheartening experience, especially if you’re in dire need of funding. To avoid these types of situations, you should try applying for equity loans instead.

How equity loans are superior to traditional bank loans

Traditional bank loans often require you to submit a myriad of requirements and undergo a credit check in order to determine the state of your credit score, credit history, and financial statement. If the bank deems any of these to be unsatisfactory, there is a big chance that your loan application will end up being declined. With equity loans, however, you can use a property you own as collateral for a loan application. In the case of car title loans, you can use your vehicle as collateral for the loan application, thereby eliminating the need for you to undergo a credit check.

Save time by applying for a car title loan instead of a traditional bank loan

Due to the minimal requirements needed for a car title loan, the application period is much shorter than that of a traditional bank loan. With only a fully owned car with a lien free title, a valid driver’s license, and proof of permanent residence, your loan application can be approved in only one hour.

Get Loan Approved makes it extremely easy to be approved for a car title loan. With minimal requirements, you can apply for a car title loan and expect an approval within one hour or less. To apply today, call us at our toll-free number 1-855-653-5448 or simply submit your application online.