Oct 25, 2013

The Eligibility Checklist for Online Loans: Will You Qualify?

With our unemployment rates high and quality job availability low, many people are struggling financially right now. If you don’t have any money saved up and are living paycheck to paycheck, one major financial expense could get you into some serious trouble. Maybe the car breaks down, a family member has to go the hospital, or something in the house needs repairing immediately. These things happen in life. The question is, are you prepared for a surprise financial expense?online loans

If not, you may be searching online for quick and easy loans. Before you make a decision, do your research and understand all the fine print. Some online loans are too good to be true and won’t actually help you. They may even damage your financial situation permanently. However, there are online loans available that can help you.

Online Loans

There are lots of different kinds of online loans. As you search for the one that is best for you, keep a few things in mind. Many loan companies will require a lot of your personal information and they may make it difficult for you to qualify for an online loan. If you’re looking for a car loan online, most companies will require:

·         Proof of income: you may have to prove you have a steady job. Additional details may include employer verification, additional assets, credit card information, other loans you may have, even bank statements.

·         Proof of residence: you may have to prove where you live.

·         Proof of insurance: you may have to prove that you currently have valid car insurance.

·         Credit score: you may have to provide your credit score information.

Car title loan companies will probably ask for all this information and potentially more. This is a lot of personal information to share with a company you may or may not trust. However, not all car title loan companies require that depth of information for online loans.

Online Loans Through Get Loan Approved

Get Loan Approved provides their clients with a quick and easy process that does not ask for a lot of personal information. In order to qualify for an online loan through us, you must first meet these criteria:

·         You’re 19 or older.

·         You own your vehicle, free and clear.

·         Your car is no more than 8 years old.

·         You have car insurance.

·         The car is registered and insured in your name.

If you meet all the above criteria, congratulations! You qualify for an online loan from Get Loan Approved. We don’t ask about your credit score, your current job situation, where you live, or any proof of those things. We simply need to know if you own your own vehicle and if you have insurance on that vehicle.

How Do I Apply?

In order to best serve our customers, we created a simple and easy application process. Visit our website and read about how it works. Make sure you qualify. And then fill out the online application. You can also call us if you prefer. Please do call if you have any questions. Once your application has been processed and approved, we will contact you and get you set up with your online loan. It’s really that easy!