Mar 03, 2015

Don’t Apply For Short Term Loans Edmonton Area, Until You Read This!

Avoid long wait times and high interest rates by securing a car title loan!

When you have a sudden financial hardship due to job loss, illness or major unplanned life expense, it can be enticing to apply for short term loans Edmonton area to cover your expenses quickly. However, without doing your research on the the various types of short term loans available you could cause yourself more financial heartache! Don’t risk it, read more about the various types of short term loans Edmonton area residents have available before making a rash decision.

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Credit Cards

Credit cards are an option for securing quick coverage of debts and expenses. Many credit cards offer short term zero-percent financing for qualified applicants. However, securing a credit card with zero or low interest requires a full credit check and while decisions are made immediately, securing the account and card can take up to 10 business days.


Credit cards, even those with low interest rates, also carry the risk of interest rates that increase significantly before you are able to repay the loan.


Family Loans

Securing a loan from a family member can be option. However family loans also carry the baggage of causing tension and uncomfortable situations. If considering this option, weigh the risks of damaging a relationship with a loved one and the potential hardship to your loved one if you cannot pay back the loan in a timely manner.


Bank Loans

Bank loans have the benefit of providing you with cash; however these loans can require lengthy applications and credit score requirements.  In addition, approval can take weeks, which can jeopardize your financial health if your needs are immediate.


A Better Option For Short Term Loans Edmonton Area: Car Title Loan

The best option for securing short term loans with low risk and reasonable interests is to obtain a car title loan. Car title loans do not require a full credit check. All that is required is the title to your car to secure your loan. With car title loans Edmonton area, you get to keep your car, you get cash quick and all at lower interest rates as compared to other short term loans Edmonton area!


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