Jul 01, 2014

No Credit Car Loans: No Credit? No Problem

Getting a Loan With No Credit

Many people are struggling with their credit scores. You may have bad credit for a variety of reasons. People usually have low or poor credit scores because they spend too much on their credit cards and then they don’t pay the balance off in a timely manner. You might have been late on payments for monthly bills, whether utilities or medical. If you exceed your credit limit on a credit card, you will experience highly monthly fees and a lowered credit score. If you have any unpaid bills or loans, this will affect your credit score. Some people may have no credit at all – they’ve never had a credit card. Unfortunately, even though this is a wise way to go, many institutions look at no credit as a bad thing. So whether you have no credit or poor credit, you might be having some issues buying a home, buying a car, or getting a loan. This is why we offer no credit car loans for people who have no credit or poor credit.

No Credit Car Loans

If you have low credit or no credit, you still qualify for our no credit car loans. At Get Loan Approved, we don’t look into your current or past job history, your credit score, or other personal information. The title of your vehicle is used as collateral, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re employed, unemployed, or have no credit. Our financing methods don’t depend on your credit, but on the fact that you own your vehicle and that you can produce the clear title to it.

Some people are a little leery of a no credit car loan because car title loans can have such high interest. Get Loan Approved looks out for our clients. We actually have a low interest rate compared to other car title loan providers. Our interest rate is up to 70% lower than the competition. If you want a good option for a loan, contact us to get your no credit car loans from us.

Get the Process Started Now

If you’re interested in our no credit car title loans, you can start the application process immediately. Go to our website or call us and fill out our simple and quick application. There will be some paperwork you will need to complete. Make sure to have your valid driver’s license, proof of car title, proof of car insurance, and the vehicle’s information ready when you contact us. As long as you’re 18, you’re old enough to apply. Once you’re approved, you will get your loan, keep your car, and start the repayment process. Get Loan Approved does not penalize you for early repayment, unlike other car title loan companies.

So go ahead and get the process started! We can give you the money that you need today through our no credit car loans. If you have any questions or concerns about our reputation, our process, or our financing, please contact a service representative and they will answer all your questions.