Dec 03, 2014

The Benefits of Collateral-Based Cash Advance Loans

Different cash advance loans provide a variety of options, each with unique benefits. Some can offer longer loan terms, and others can offer lower interest rates. However, few individuals understand the special benefits of – or perhaps even know about – collateral-based cash advance loans.

Get Loan Approved separates itself from other cash loan options in that all Get Loan Approved loans are based upon collateral value. What this means for you, the customer, is that Get Loan Approved will provide you a cash loan equal to the value of your currently owned vehicle – the collateral. Due to this different basis for funding your loan, the benefits of the Get Loan Approved loans are different from those of other cash advance loans.

Cash Advance Loans of a Different Caliber

When you apply for a collateral-based loan with Get Loan Approved, you will receive the exceptional Get Loan Approved service you can always rely on, plus a few other benefits. Some of the benefits of the Get Loan Approved collateral-based cash advance loans include the following:

  1. No credit or job requirements. When your loan value is based on collateral, the worries about your credit history or job requirements become things of the past. Since the value of the loan instead is based on the value of your currently owned vehicle, the only requirement for you to meet is that you have a vehicle to uphold your loan by.
  2. Fast approval. Due to the fact that a Get Loan Approved collateral-based loan is not constrained by the regulations found at other loan institutions, your loan approval is fast. With a collateral-based loan, you don’t need to worry about filing paperwork to ensure you meet certain credit and/or job requirements. You can receive your loan cash quickly, instead!
  3. Quick cash. After filling out the proper Get Loan Approved application and bringing your currently owned vehicle to a Get Loan Approved center for wholesale value appraisal, the loan cash is yours. In as little as fifteen minutes, you can be out the door at Get Loan Approved, and on the way to purchasing your new car.

To find out more reasons why Get Loan Approved is the best source for your collateral-based cash advance loan, like the ability to secure a loan up to $25,000 in value, feel free to call a Get Loan Approved representative. At Get Loan Approved, over ten years of service and a dedication to treat all customers like neighbors drives the impetus to excel as the leaders of car loan services.