Jul 17, 2014

Sometimes Life Happens and You Need to Find A Bad Credit Loan

A Common Story

Once upon a time there was a woman with working two part-time jobs in a middle-income suburban neighborhood. This woman felt lucky to have a position as a secretary in one organization, but it did not have the funding to grant her a full-time salary so she worked at the mall on nights and weekends. Though sometimes it was a stretch to make ends meet, she always found a way to go where she needed. That is, until the day she had to head to the hospital. The woman had an unexpected medical emergency relating to an autoimmune disease she’d had since age 24. She didn’t have health insurance that would cover the costs. And because her credit rating was low because of a few financial errors she’d made long ago, she didn’t have nearly enough to cover the hospital bill. In her case, it was time to search for a bad credit loan.

What’s up with “Bad Credit Loans?”

bad credit loan
Bad credit loans can be gotten at very low interest rates. While banks will charge at relatively high interest rates and do not often offer many options for people with bad credit (if any at all), some companies have it as their mission to provide short-term loans to people, regardless of their credit history. Get Loan Approved is one such company that guarantees a loan interest rate at less than 5% at month, a rate that is more than 75% lower than the competition. If you are like the woman described above, with life circumstances leaving you with an urgent need for cash, you should consider getting what is called a loan against your car. So long as you have car with a title and insurance, you can acquire such a loan.

What to Do

Your credit rating will not be checked when we ask for your information. You will be treated with respect and your information will be kept confidential. Our agents are professionals seeking to offer the highest quality of services. Once you have filled out the survey or talked to our agent, we will contact you for further steps. You can get a bad credit loan by using your car title as collateral. You can keep driving your car while we hold the title, and thereby pay back your loan quickly over a short period.

Call Today

The woman called for a free consultation about getting a loan against her car. With the quick cash from Get Loan Approved, she was able to pay back her loan over a few months and emerge from the experience unscathed! If you’re facing a similar situation or simply have a need for a non-bank/bad credit loan, please call 1-855-653-5448 or contact us today.