Nov 23, 2016

Get an Auto Title Loan in Canada That You Can Trust

Identify auto title lenders who are trustworthy for your auto title loan.

auto title loan in canadaLife is rarely predictable. Whether due to an unexpected medical expense or a household emergency everyone needs a bit of extra cash at some point. Unfortunately, during these emergencies it can be extremely difficult to get your hands on the cash you need.

Sometimes a poor credit score can keep you from obtaining a loan, other times it might be that the loan is needed immediately, making the legal process of a traditional loan inviable. Whatever the case, you might consider applying for an auto title loan in Canada.

Now, you might be worried about applying to a loan company, this is perfectly understandable. There are many predatory lenders out there who make false or purposefully misguiding promises that seek to strip the borrowers of as much money as possible.

However, not all loan companies are like this and it is important to recognize what makes a quality auto title lender.

How to find a Trustworthy Vehicle Title Lender for Your Auto Title Loan in Canada

First and foremost, when you apply for an auto title loan in Canada you need to look for a lender who is transparent, follows regulations, and is above all focused on customer service. Essentially all this means that the lender should be upfront with the customer – no sneaky clauses or extra fees involved.

Additionally when choosing a vehicle title loans company, check that they are compliant to local and provincial regulations regarding car equity loans.

Finally, make sure you feel comfortable. When you are talking with representatives you should feel at ease, not stressed.

Get Loan Approved is a vehicle title loans company that promises to be transparent, follow regulations, and develop personal relationships with customers that puts the customer’s worries at ease. The best part, we make getting auto title loans in Canada painless and easy.

Our criteria for applying for an auto title loan in Canada is simple. You must:

  • Be 19 years or older
  • Have registration and insurance in your own name
  • Have a clean title for your vehicle
  • Have a vehicle no more than 10 years old – cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and motorcycles all apply. (Call to hear about exceptions)
  • Have both comprehensive and collision coverage provided in your insurance policy

If all of the above apply to you, then you can apply for an auto title loan through Get Loan Approved. Start your application by calling us at  1-855-653-5448, or with our online form, Our straightforward application will ensure that you feel comfortable about the loan and can get the money you need in no time.