Oct 20, 2015

Fast Cash Today Parkland County

Parkland County Car Title Loans

Many people who need immediate cash have bad credit. This makes it difficult for them to get traditional loans. Fortunately, here at Get Loan Approved, we do not look at your credit score. If you are a car owner with a fully paid vehicle, Parkland car title loans are an ideal solution.

Car title loans offer the benefit of an immediate cash loan without the need for a credit check. The amount of money that is approved is based off the value of your car. We don’t do credit check.

Car title loans at Get Loan Approved are different because they avoid the challenges of traditional personal loans. If you need to get fast cash today in Parkland County, contact us today.

The Benefits of Car Title Loans

There are many advantages to car title loans and they are a good option for anyone who lives in Hayward and who has a vehicle with a current car title.

Fast Service – Car title loans offer same day cash. In fact, if all of your documentation is current and available, you may be able to have your loan in one hour or less.

Low Rates – Car title loans offer low rate, low risk loans. The terms and conditions of the loan can be discussed with the consultants to work out a flexible repayment schedule to suit you. We work with each individual client to set up an easy and flexible payment plan. We don’t charge exorbitant late fees, like banks and other loan companies do.

Keep the Car – When you take a car title loan, despite the fact that we hold onto the car title and becomes the new lien holder. You don’t have to worry about losing possession of your vehicle. You get to keep your ride and count your cash at the same time!  Your car is used as collateral, and you can still drive it.

Getting a car title loan has never been this easy! Apply now!