Nov 27, 2015

Dave Was Shocked About Cash Loans for Unemployed. You Will Be Too!


Don’t walk away from the banks with your head hung low-You do have another option for quick cash!

Meet Dave.  

Life was good for Dave.  Cash-Loans-For-Unemployed

Sure, he wished he had a few more days off during the year and he knew that his dream of owning a boat some day most likely would never materialize.  But he had a good job that paid the bills with a little left over for savings and an occasional vacation.  

He and his family didn’t live luxuriously, but he couldn’t complain.  He certainly didn’t need to worry about such things as cash loans for unemployed.  That was one of the farthest things from his mind.

But then life happened.  

The economy took a dive and while other companies didn’t seem to be as affected, his company got the brunt of the fall.  Pretty soon, whispers were being heard about potential lay-offs.  And sooner than anyone expected, co-workers started “getting the news”; sometimes one at a time, sometimes groups of 5 or more.  

Dave thought he was safe.  He had some tenure…had been there for about 12 years, and he was needed, he figured.  But that’s where he was wrong.

As he drove away from the building shocked and unemployed, he tried to remind himself that even though this seemed like the end of the world right now, he’d be back in a job in no time.

However, after nine months of searching, burning through all their meager savings, and being forced to open numerous credit sources in order to pay bills, Dave still didn’t have a job.

He was discouraged, but he still had one good lead.  The only problem was he was running out of time.  The job interview was in a city 3 hours away, and his family needed money now.  The only thing left he had to sell was his car, but he needed the car to get to the interview.  He was trapped…and exhausted from trying!

That’s when a friend told him about Get Loan Approved for unemployed.  He had never heard about this type of loan.  In fact, he had written off the possibility of loans a few months ago after being turned down by three different banks.

It sounded too good to be true.

But it wasn’t…and it’s not!  

Maybe you can relate all too well with Dave’s story.  Life throws unexpected curve balls.  You try every option and you still can’t catch a break.  

That’s why Get Loan Approved is here to provide quick cash to those that need it the most.

How are Get Loan Approved Loans for Unemployed Different Than Bank Loans?

A bank requires employment/Get Loan Approved loans to unemployed

We understand that employment is a luxury that is often taken for granted.  We also know that being unemployed doesn’t mean you’re a terrible person.  It just means you need the help even more.  

With our car title loans for unemployed, all you need is a car.  And the best part is you get to keep the car!

Most banks require above average credit score/Get Loan Approved will take any credit history

We understand poor credit too!  And for Get Loan Approved, it’s not an issue if you have bad credit.  We base our loans entirely on your vehicle, so you don’t have to worry about past credit history.

Banks require large items of collateral/Get Loan Approved only needs a car title

We won’t ask you to put your grandmother’s pearl necklace, your retirement account or your house on the line.  All we need in order for you to walk out the door with the cash you need is your car title.  


  • Quick and easy:  little paperwork
  • Attainable:  no credit, no problem
  • Reasonable:  lowest interest rates in the car loan industry, reasonable payments
  • Generous:  we’ll give you as much as possible for the value of your car

Dave found out that Get Loan Approved loans for unemployed was exactly the break he needed.  He got the loan, made the interview, and received a job offer.  Now he’s back on the road to financial security.  

You can be too!

Call us today at 1-888-886-7627 for quick approval or find out more information here.

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