The Trouble With Title Loans and How You Can Get a Car Title Loan Toronto Consumers Will Love

The loan industry is a tricky business.  It seems you have to be next to perfect to be awarded a loan with a traditional lender, and let’s face it…who’s perfect.  But outsourcing your credit needs to non-traditional lenders has a history of leaving you in a worse financial state than when you began.  

Subprime loans such as adjustable rate mortgages, payday loans, and car title loans have raised the eyebrows and attention of various lawyers and financial watchdogs over the past few decades because of their less-than-desirable loan conditions.

And since you’re searching for what type of car title loan Toronto businesses can offer you, you might as well face the facts: Most car title loans can have you strapped in less than 30 days.  

But wait.

Before you hit the back button….notice we said most.

Snap Car Cash is not like most car loan companies near Toronto.

So What Are the Problems With a Car Title Loan Toronto Residents May Receive?

The Other Guy’s’ Problem: Exceptionally High Interest Rates  

While some companies may covertly state the interest rate in monthly terms, make sure you look at the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) to see how it stacks up with other credit sources.  Sometimes the APR can be as high as 300%!  Even though the rates listed may look reasonable, it’s most likely because they’re the monthly terms, not the yearly.

Snap Car Cash’s Solution:  Lowest Interest Rates Available

Snap Car Cash operates on interest rates around 70% LOWER than other competitors in the car title loan industry.  We will match or beat ANY other interest rate that you find.

The Other Guy’s’ Problem:  Extremely Short Loan Term

If you’ve heard your neighbor complain about a car title loan Toronto companies have offered him, chances are he strapped himself into one with a short (and unreasonable) loan term.  Many times these predatory loan companies force borrowers into a 1 month term, making it nearly impossible to meet the demands and causing the increase of more fees, interest, and penalties.  

Snap Car Cash’s Solution:  Longest Term Available

Snap Car Cash doesn’t just offer double the term, triple the term, or even quadruple.  Snap Car Cash knows that the reason you’ve come to us for quick cash is because you’re searching for help that you can’t find elsewhere.  You need someone to understand and offer up just a touch of grace in the process.  That’s why we’ve developed our loan terms that can last up to 5 years!  

The Other Guy’s Problem:  Extra Low Car Valuation

Most car title loan competitors don’t actually care about the difficult situation you find yourself in.  They simply want your money and want it in the easiest way possible.  So, it doesn’t matter if your daughter’s hospital bills are coming out at $3,000 and you’re sure that your car is worth at least that much, you only get $938 for your car title loan.  Tough luck.  

Snap Car Cash’s Solution:  Maximum Amount Available

Snap Car Cash will always strive to loan you the maximum wholesale value of your vehicle.  We consider all aspects of your car’s condition to ensure that you get as much cash as possible for your immediate needs.  

We get it.  Life throws curveballs.  And if you’re not ready for it, you can find yourself nursing a “baseball-sized” goose egg.  

That’s why Snap Car Cash operates on different terms.  Terms that focus on helping you handle the heat that comes your way.  And we’ve made it a point to do that better than anyone else.  

The car title loan industry has developed some bad habits.  But Snap Car Cash exists to turn the tides.  We aim to show that the predatory companies that have given title loans a bad name do not define the entire industry.  They certainly cannot define us.

Experience the difference of Snap Car Cash through car title loans Toronto residents will love.

Apply today for quick approval.

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