Car Pawn Edmonton: Why Pawn Your Car?

When you think of the word “pawning,” you might imagine a scene set in the past: a classy lady selling her diamonds at a jewelry shop, for example. Nowadays, pawning still happen—but you don’t need anything so fancy as diamonds to do it! A car, for example, will do the trick to get the money you need, when you need it. Why would you pawn your car? Here we give you a few tips and pointers and help you consider what it could be like working with Car Pawn Edmonton.

Continue Driving with Cash

You need quick cash, but you still need use of your car? That’s not a problem if you are pawning your car, as it is only the title of your car that’s required. You secure an auto pawn loan by using the car title as collateral, meaning that your car is subject to possession should you not pay. Because you’re using this tangible and more immediate form of accountability for the loan, you don’t have to provide your credit rating or even wade through yards of paperwork. You can easily access a short application to get started here.

Car Pawn Edmonton=Low Interest Rates

Unlike many other Canadian car pawning outfits, Car Pawn Edmonton will supply your loan at an extremely low interest rate. We are committed not only to helping our customers meet their financial needs, but also ensuring that they have an interest rate that makes it feasible for them to pay back. Our interest rate is a guaranteed up to 75% lower than the competition!

Rollovers Buy You Time

The concept of a rollover is important to understand as you pay back your loan. If you can’t pay the amount of the loan at the end of a term (which could be two weeks or one month), the unpaid balance “rolls over” into the next loan term.This system gives you more time to pay it back. Without rollovers, the lender would quickly repossess the vehicle; with rollovers, the borrower gets many chances to pay off the loan and keep the vehicle.  And, Car Pawn Edmonton will never charge any fees for early loan repayment.

Get Started Today

Give yourself a chance with Car Pawn Edmonton and get cash within the same day. Our professional service representatives will treat you with the highest priority. We also offer the most flexible payment options to make your car pawn experience as easy as possible. Wondering how it works?  Or call a toll-free 1-855-653-5448 today.

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