Feb 09, 2016

Looking For Car Loans with Bad Credit on Your Hands?

Finding car loans with bad credit can be tricky.  But Get Loan Approved won’t let your credit report history get in the way!

Get Loan Approved offers car loans without a credit check, plus tips to turn your credit score around

Having bad credit may seem like a canyon that is impossible to scale. With mountains of unpaid bills and interest rates racking up more debt, you may feel that it isn’t even worth facing your current credit score.

Get Car Loans with Bad Credit, But Don’t Stay in Debt!

 car loans with bad creditWhile Get Loan Approved does give car loans with bad credit, we want you to know that having bad credit isn’t impossible to fix. In fact, here are five ways to improve your credit score:

5 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

  • Clean up your credit report

Your credit report is a detailed history of your credit, prepared by a credit bureau to determine if you are reliable for paying back debt. You get a bad credit report, and therefore a bad credit score, if you have a history of default loans or late payments.

In order to get on the right path to a good credit score, start cleaning up your credit report by paying off small balances and then closing credit where you can. If you have a few credit cards that you can pay off right away, go for it!

This is the first step to a better credit score.

  • Keep old accounts open

If you have old credit accounts that you haven’t used in a long time and you won’t be tempted to use again, consider keeping them open. As long as you have a good credit history with these accounts (they were paid off in full and on time), keeping them open could help with your credit report.

  • Keep credit spending to a minimum

If you continue to use credit cards for spending, know the limit of your card and keep your spending as far beneath the limit as possible. Not only will this help you save money to pay off debts, but your credit report will improve if you keep those numbers low!

  • Make timely payments

From this moment on, make a commitment to pay all of your credit bills on time. Know when they are due and factor the bills into your monthly budget so that you can make your payments in full. Don’t just focus on fixing your bad credit.  Be committed to building up good credit.

  • Be patient

Building credit takes time, and even with these tips, it may take awhile to reestablish yourself. But if you are consistent and careful, you can improve your credit score.  

While cleaning up your bad credit you may still need a loan. Car loans with bad credit are still an option through Get Loan Approved. We don’t take your bad credit into account when offering you a loan because your vehicle acts as the loan security.

Here’s how it works:

If you have a vehicle in your name, we will assess the value of the vehicle and give you the amount in cash. You can continue driving your car throughout the entire loan duration!  We offer some of the lowest interest rates in the industry, with loan periods between two to five years.

Car loans with bad credit are available through Get Loan Approved because having bad credit shouldn’t keep you from a better financial future. Give us a call today to learn more about vehicle title loans.