Oct 27, 2015

Motivational Speakers Blast Popular Quote. Why Car Loans Near Kelowna Still Support It.


Tired of everyone else achieving the success you want?  Then you need to know

You’ve heard it many times, “It takes money to make money.”Car-Loans-Near-Kelowna

In recent years, it’s been a popular quote to contest by motivational speakers, claiming that all it takes to make money is a good idea and some grit.  While it is true that sometimes this idea simply provides an excuse for the lazy or fearful, at Get Loan Approved, we also believe that there remains some truth to the popular quote.

However, it would be better stated that “it takes some money to make more money, but it doesn’t have to be yours!”

Sure, genius and grit are necessary, but you can’t create something from nothing.  

That’s why Get Loan Approved provides you the opportunity to get quick cash-safe, easy and secure with title car loans near Kelowna. 

Maybe it’s that business you’ve always wanted to start.  Maybe it’s that investment opportunity that your brother-in-law insists you cannot miss.  Or maybe it’s that car you want to fix up and sell for a profit.   

Whatever the case, searching for car loans near Kelowna will lead you right to the answer-title car loans from Get Loan Approved.

Don’t believe the lie that you can make something out of nothing.  The world doesn’t work like that.  But you can make something big out of something small.  It happens all the time.

  • David Green began Hobby Lobby with a $600 loan and he’s currently worth $5.4 million.
  • Hewlett Packard started with $538, and is now worth $57.9 billion.
  • Subway started with $1,000 that Fred DeLuca borrowed from a friend.  With 43,000 locations, it is now worth $6.8 billion.
  • Starbucks started with $8,000 cash plus additional small loans and now has a whopping net worth of $70.9 billion.
  • And as we all know, Steve Jobs epic beginnings happened with his friend and partner, Steve Wozniak, and one computer that changed the world.  Apple, Inc. now has a net worth of $741.8 billion.

Take advantage of car loans near Kelowna and you just may be the next Forbes millionaire that started with humble beginnings.

History proves that it doesn’t take a massive amount of money to make something big.  It takes a good idea, a lot of grit, and just a few resources to get you off the ground.  

The great news is, it doesn’t have to be your resources!  

Follow these 4 EASY steps to take advantage of the resources we offer you:


  • Apply online or via phone to see if you quality.  Chances are you will!
  • Fill out simple and quick paperwork-no lengthy job history, credit reports, or personal references.
  • Keep your car and still get your cash.  All you need is your vehicle title.
  • Drive away with instant cash at your disposal based upon the value of your vehicle.  

Let Get Loan Approved step into a partnership with you as you reach for those entrepreneurial dreams.  We provide car title loans near Kelowna that can get you where you want to be-on the road to success.

Apply now for quick approval!

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