Mar 22, 2016

This Just In: A Car Loan for Bad Credit Holders!

Get  Loan Approved has the facts on getting an auto title loan despite having bad credit!

When you’ve got bad credit, a car loan can seem out of the question. However, getting a car loan for bad credit holders may not be as impossible as it seems!Car-Loan-For-Bad-Credit

At Get Loan Approved, we offer car title loans to car owners, regardless of their bad credit history. Seems too good to be true? Let these facts be the proof!

Steps to Getting a Car Loan with Bad Credit

  1. Call Get Loan Approved or fill out our online form to see if you qualify for an auto title loan. To qualify, you must own a clear title to your vehicle, have a driver’s license, and have the vehicle itself. The paperwork is easy, and we will let you know ASAP whether you qualify!
  2. If you qualify, we will determine the value of your car, which will determine the amount of your title loan (between $1,000-$25,00) Remember: your title loan isn’t based on your credit, only on the value of your car. Therefore bad credit won’t keep you away from your loan! Car loan for bad credit? Yes please!
  3. True to our name, Get Loan Approved will hand you your loan in cash! And the best part is, you get to keep your car for the duration of your loan! We will work with you to find a loan term and payment plan that works best for you, giving you a stress free loan experience.

When it Comes to Getting a Car Loan for Bad Credit…

We’re the Best!

Other car title loan companies want to keep you in debt, but at Get Loan Approved, we treat all of our customers like family. We work with you to find a title loan that works for you, and with two to five year loan terms and interest rates that are 70% lower than the competition, we are the best in the business!

We understand that having bad credit can seem like a black hole without any financial options. However, we believe bad credit shouldn’t keep you from getting the loan you need, with loan terms that won’t keep you in debt.

Give us a call today to get started on your future with a car loan for bad credit. Don’t let bad credit scores hold you back any longer!

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