Dec 10, 2015

Bad Credit Loans in Stony Plain

Stony Plain Bad Credit Loans

If you need cash in hurry and you have bad credit, you might have difficulty in taking out a loan. But here at Get Loan Approved, bad credit loans can be the solution you are looking for. Bad credit loans in the form of car title loans are perfect for bad credit borrowers.

Here at Get Loan Approved, we specialize in bad credit loans in Stony Plain. We use your vehicle’s title as the only collateral to get you the car title loan you need to help your finances. We make the process easy and simple with a quick turnaround. Get the loan as soon as you apply regardless of good or bad credit.

Bad Credit? No Problem!

No matter what your credit status, we are the company to be able to help you get a car title loan. Our customers come from all walks of life and have a range of credit scores. We can even help you if you have defaulted on credit or if you’re self-employed. Call us to be pleasantly surprised by the great rate of car title loans available to you – within one short hour after approval.

Low Interest Rates

The good thing about car title loans in Stony Plain is that they are secured by your car’s value. This not only makes them low risk, but they are also reduced interest rates. Since lower interest rates mean the monthly payments will be less, they will be easier for you to pay back. At all times during the car title loan payoff period, you keep your car to use as you are accustomed to. Only your car title is required as security.

Finalize the Loan Process and Get the Cash

We will work out how much of a loan we will give you. You can visit our office or apply online. This will allow us to finalize the process with you and work out the best repayment schedule to suit you. It will only take about an hour and then you will be able to walk out with the cash in your hand. Confidential, hassle-free and fast!

If you need cash fast and want to start today, just give us a call or fill out our online application. Apply now and get the cash you need!