Apr 03, 2016

Bad Credit Loans in Caraquet New Brunswick

Caraquet Bad Credit Loans

Car title loans are great for financial emergencies. Being able to get money so quickly puts a lot of people at ease. But anytime you can improve your financial situation without hassle or risk, it’s a smart move.

When you’re getting ready to borrow money and have bad credit, bad credit loans in Caraquet, New Brunswick in the form of a car title loan is a smart option. A car title loan converts the equity in your paid-in-full vehicle to money in your pocket. The value of your car is your loan amount. So, you have a great car and now you have cash.

Fast Cash in Just 1 Hour

Banks may be hesitant to lend you a large sum of money with flexible loan terms because they have no guarantee you will stay true to your word to pay them back, but that is not the case when you get a car title loan with Get Loan Approved.

By putting up your car title as collateral for a loan, you are able to secure a greater loan amount than you would through other lending means. Your car title lets us know that you have every intention of paying your loan back in a timely manner because you want to get your title back, so we are more willing to offer you a larger sum of money with lower interest rates.

However, do not worry — just because we ask for your car title does not mean that your main means of transportation is in any danger of being taken away. Your car will actually remain in your possession at all times throughout the loan period, and you are welcome to drive it anywhere you like.

Best Car Title Loan in Caraquet New Brunswick

We let our borrowers know we have extended payment plans, so their monthly statement is low enough to fit in their budget. And for those clients who take on the maximum term, but repay early, they’re never charged a penalty. We don’t believe in punishing people for being good borrowers.

We like to think these little things add up to bigger things like your trust and confidence. We won’t even check your credit score at any point in time during the application process. Car title loans are based off the value of the vehicle in question, so conducting credit checks would only waste your time and ours. As long as you can hand us a free and clear car title, you will get a title loan from us in as fast as 1 hour.

We do not wish to burden you further when you are already down on your luck. You need a strong ally on our side, and let that be us! Apply now for a car title loan in Caraquet right now!