Nov 20, 2014

Auto Equity Loan Port Coquitlam British Columbia

Port Coquitlam Auto Equity Loan

There are many options available to someone who needs to come up with cash quickly. The best solution depends on that person’s financial situation and stability. For someone who is in a poor credit situation, the options for obtaining a cash advance or an emergency loan are extremely limited. Without assets to rely on, that person would need to try for an unsecured bank loan, which would be very expensive to compensate for the high risk taken by the bank. If that person with bad credit owns a car, however, then auto equity loan Port Coquitlam is a good solution to instant cash.

How Port Coquitlam Auto Equity Loans Work

Auto equity loans are short-term loans that use the title of your car as equity. To apply for an auto equity loan, you need a vehicle in good working condition and a clear title. The cash from your auto equity loan can be used for anything, including school supplies, home repairs or medical bills. Here at Get Loan Approved, we offer the lowest interest rates for auto equity loans and we offer low monthly payments with flexible terms.

Get Cash and Continue Driving Your Vehicle

Anyone with any type of credit rating can apply for an auto equity loan, because the loan is not based on your own credit but rather on the current value of your vehicle. It is approved very quickly, since an extensive background check is not required and the time required to process the quick loan can be as little as one hour. While paying off the loan, the car remains in the possession of its owner for regular use.

Apply Now Get Your Money

Our fast and simple process makes it easy for you to receive your funds when you need them! Simply call or fill out a form and one of our loan agents will contact you to assist you with your application. Within an hour, you will get the cash you need. It’s that simple! Apply now!