Dec 24, 2014

Auto Equity Loan Ottawa Ontario

Ottawa Auto Equity Loan

Have these difficult times put you in a position where your credit record is in bad shape and your employment record in worse shape? Please don’t think you’re alone in this. Applying to the bank won’t do you any good. They’ll just turn you away, after humiliating you with their background checks, as if you were a thief instead of an honest citizen fighting impossible financial odds. Here at Get Loan Approved, we will treat you with friendly discretion. We only require you to own a vehicle with a clear title. We will not check your credit or employment status. With auto equity loan Ottawa, you can get the cash you need today!

Bad Credit is Not a Problem Anymore

Auto equity loans are secured by the value of your car so, unlike a bank loan that is not secured, they are low in interest. For the same reason, a secured loan is low in risk. And what’s better is that you can have an auto equity loan even if you have very bad credit. A bank might consider you a credit risk, but we don’t see it that way. Even if you don’t have credit or have had credit problems in the past, we will still process your loan.

Cash Loan in 1 Hour

We loan more and have a hassle-free application process. We also treat our customers like royalty, so expect a highly pleasant customer service experience. You can call us, apply online, or visit one of our convenient locations to get your auto equity loan. The application is simple and our clients typically have their cash in under 1 hour.

Getting an auto equity loan with us is only a phone call or click of a mouse away. We have a long record of experience in providing loans for people who really need our services. There are many people out there facing the strains of life at a time where there are all sorts of pressures and borrowing money from a bank might not be possible. We are here to help. Apply now!