Jan 02, 2015

Auto Equity Loan Oakville Ontario

Oakville Auto Equity Loan

Do you live in Oakville, Ontario and need cash now? Traditional loans like a bank loan or a payday loan take a long time to be approved for and require background checks. Get Loan Approved can help you get the quick cash need with auto equity loan Oakville. Most of our Oakville customers get approved within an hour and receive their funds the same day. Our auto equity loans start at $1,000 and go all the way up to $25,000 depending on the wholesale value of the borrower’s vehicle. If you need cash fast, we can help.

How It Works

If you own your own car and have the title, then you qualify for an auto equity loan, plain and simple. We do not check credit, we base our auto equity loans on the value of your vehicle. We offer auto equity loans assisting customers who may not qualify for a traditional bank loan. Traditional bank loans can take a long time to get approved, we understand our customers are looking to receive the cash they need quickly, so most of our loans process on a same-day basis. Our lending products help customers whether your credit is good or bad. We know people with low credit scores need loans too, we are here to help in the slow times. On the top of that, our customers can retain the use of their vehicle.

Why Choose Us?

For the past ten years Get Loan Approved has been providing Oakville residents with their auto equity loan needs and services. We are dedicated in providing our customers with best auto equity loan experience possible. So what sets us apart from our competitors?

  • Customer Service That’s Second to None
  • We Don’t Penalize You for Paying Your Loan Off Early
  • You Get to Keep and Drive Your Car While You Pay Off Your Loan
  • We Respect Your Privacy
  • We Have Some of the Most Competitive Rates and Offer the Most Cash (Up to $25,000)
  • Bad credit, No Credit, or Limited Credit Experience? No Worries You’re Still Approved

We know you work hard for your money but sometimes we all need a little extra help with sudden unexpected expenses or necessities. At Get Loan Approved, we get that. So don’t wait. Apply now and we will get you the cash you need!