Jan 05, 2015

Auto Equity Loan Markham Ontario

Markham Auto Equity Loan Markham

If you live in Markham, Ontario and need fast cash, an auto equity loan can be your best bet. Here at Get Loan Approved, we offer short-term loans in an instant. Auto equity loan Markham is a safe alternative to standard loans. Auto equity loans utilize your vehicle’s title as collateral for a cash loan. As such, depending on the wholesale value of your vehicle, you could be eligible for a cash loan of up to $25,000.

How it Works

Here’s how the whole auto equity loan process typically works. You call us or fill out our simple online application and answer a few simple questions that will allow us to determine the value of your car. Your credit history won’t come up in the conversation. We’ll give you an approval, over the phone, immediately. Our friendly and flexible financial consultants will answer all your questions. We’ll advise you what paperwork we need to close the deal. With an auto equity loan, your personal cash- strapped nightmare is over.

Fast Cash with No Credit Check

Since an auto equity loan in Markham is backed by your car’s title, there is no credit check necessary to qualify. If you have poor credit or even no credit, you can still be eligible for an auto equity loan. There is no need for your current situation to prohibit you from obtaining the financial security you need. We realize that financial hardship can hit someone unexpectedly and can often be seriously debilitating. That is why we are here for you. Our process for helping you get an auto equity loan in Markham, Ontario is easy.

You Can Still Use Your Own Vehicle

We only keep the title of your car when you borrow money. Once you make the final payment, you get back the title. This means that your daily schedule does not have to suffer because you can drive your vehicle during the duration of the loan. Our goal is to provide an affordable auto equity loan with good customer service. We offer lower interest rates on larger loans.

Find out how much you can receive with an auto equity loan after one fast application. Apply now and discover how we can help you.