Dec 29, 2014

Auto Equity Loan Kitchener Ontario

Kitchener Auto Equity Loan

Have the bills been piling up lately? Is money just a little bit tight, as of late? If you are in need of a fast cash loan, please apply now or call Get Loan Approved. As the premiere auto equity loan provider in Kitchener, Ontario, we welcome your emails, phone calls and questions. If you are worried about being able to qualify for auto equity loan Kitchener, don’t be. Your credit score is not something we are going to take into consideration as the basis for approving your loan. We will always base our lending decisions strictly on the value of your car.

Fast and Reliable Loan

Anyone who needs cash probably needed it yesterday. The best benefit for many is that auto equity loans are quick and easy to obtain. The loan amounts are usually deposited on the same day depending on how much you are borrowing. Most often, you can get cash within an hour and drive away with your vehicle.

It’s Not Based on Your Credit

Anyone who has a car can get an auto equity loan. You don’t have to have the best credit in the world to get an auto equity loan. Most people who apply have little to no credit, but we aren’t looking at credit to make a decision. We are only interested in the value of the car. It’s also a secure loan, which means that it is based on the price of the collateral, which is the car.

With so many situations life can throw at you we know that our loans can help. The major qualification factor in these loans is that you own the vehicle outright. It’s that simple. To get started today, fill out our online form or give us a call. Apply now!