Jan 25, 2015

Auto Equity Loan Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall Auto Equity Loan

When you are struggling with your finances and you need some cash, time is very important. Most of the time, the need for cash simply can’t wait. If you take out a loan from the bank, it might take days or weeks before you get the money you need. If you have bad or no credit, your application won’t get approved. In such situation, an auto equity loan is the perfect solution.

Here at Get Loan Approved, we help Cornwall residents get the cash they need when they need it most. With auto equity loan Cornwall, getting cash has never been easier. No credit check required and you get cash on the same day you apply.

What is an Auto Equity Loan?

Basically, if you have a fully-paid car, you can be approved for this type of loan! Auto equity loans are short-term loans based on the value of your car. We use the value of the car to determine the amount of the loan you will receive. In return for lending you money, we become the lien-holder on your car title until the loan is paid off. The most important thing is that you keep driving your car and get the much-needed cash.

Fast Way to Get Cash

One of the best things about the auto equity loans offered that we offer is how quickly the borrower receives the funds. The entire process can be as quick as one hour! Because there is no credit check involved, the process is much faster.

Easy Application Process

Not only is the process fast, but it is extremely user friendly. Our online application will ask simple questions and we also offer a toll-free number for you to call if you have issues. We want your experience to be easy so that you can get the cash you need, when you need it.

So if you need cash today, why not use our auto equity loans to your advantage? You get to keep your vehicle and get cash. Apply now!