Mar 26, 2014

Why An Alberta Car Title Loan Works Best For You

Get Loan Approved can give you an  Alberta car title loan with competitively low interest rates and excellent customer service. Our auto title loans are not only limited to cars but all sorts of vehicles including boats, RVs and even motorcycles. We want you to keep your vehicle during the loan period because you are still the owner! The only necessary part we at Get Loan Approved, need is the title of the vehicle.

Our online application  process is easy and in less time than you can believe, you may be pre-approved for a loan starting at $1,000 all the way up to $25,000. By filling out your model, make, trim, number of kilometers, first and last name and desired loan amount, you can be well on your way to enjoy:

  • Low interest rates

  • Excellent Customer Service

  • No complicated contracts or hidden fees

  • Range of long loan periods

With our many different offices, we can offer any Canadian the loan services they deserve. We have customer representatives ready to answer any and all questions. We are on your side and want to get you the bash you need with the least amount of hassle. Most people know what it´s like to be strapped for cash. Don’t you wish there was someone who could help?

More than ten years have gone by since we first started helping out citizens of Alberta make the most of out extra cash. Whether you need to pay this month´s rent, put a down payment on a house or car, Get Loan Approved can help. Check out our easy to navigate and user friendly website.

Four Essentials to Getting  An Alberta Car Title Loan

  1. Proof of Identification: This can be your driver’s license number or even a passport of government issued ID.

  2. Proof of Residency: Alberta car title loans can be easily obtained by Canadians with a recent bill from a lease, or deed.

  3. Financial History: Tax records or pay stubs are sufficient. This does not include your past credit scores or job history.

  4. Proof of Vehicle Ownership: In order to put a lien on your car, we need the current registration and title of the automobile. We also need proof of insurance.

An Alberta car title loan  is the easiest and safest bet when it comes to getting the cash you need. Financial institutions make you jump through a million hoops in order to secure a loan or even be approved. Relationships with friends and family members can turn messy and awkward if you accept or even ask for a loan. Securing a loan with Get Loan Approved is easy and our application process is simple. Alberta residents have been satisfied with our services for over ten years with our many locations all over Canada.

What You Do Not Need to Apply for An Alberta Car Title Loan

  1. Present or Past Credit Score

  2. Job History

  3. References

  4. Background Check