Nov 07, 2013

3 Things a Title Cash Loan from Get Loan Approved Offers


We know that people look to get a title cash loan for all sorts of reasons and we’re excited to be able to help a wide variety of clients out of our offices here in Canada. We’ve been serving residents in need of loans for the past nine years and we pride ourselves on being able to provide a loan for clients quickly and without hassle. So, what will you gain from getting a title cash loan from Get Loan Approved? Here are just three of the things you can expect:

What Does a Title Cash Loan from Get Loan Approved Offer?

1. Get Fast Cash!

Get Loan Approved is not interested in putting our clients through rigorous amounts of paperwork or forcing you through some arduous and unnecessary process. From applying for the loan to the time you get the cash you need, this procedure is quick and simple. We ask for straightforward answers and proofs of ownership and leave out questions having to do with your job situation and your credit score and history. We see our job as getting the cash in your hands as quickly as possible. Many of our clients are able to receive the cash they came for within hours of applying for their loans. We offer loans up to $25,000!

2. Keep Your Car!


Once you have your cash in your hand, you can still drive away in your own car! We don’t keep your car for any amount of time during this transaction. All we need is proof of ownership (a title), a valid driver’s license, proof of proper insurance and an extra set of keys and you will be ready to take your cash and your car home with you.

3. Get Time On Your Side!

Some title cash loan office gives no grace at all to their clients and expects them all to pay off their loans with very high-interest rates in a very short amount of time. At Get Loan Approved, we offer one and two-year term agreements and have some of the lowest interest rates around. We also give you flexibility with the timeline by accepting, without penalty, early payments.